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Learning & Development Tools

Some of the Tools we integrate into our Leadership and Management Programs:-


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Social Styles

This model, built on Jungian principles, is one of the easiest models to understand and apply in the workplace. It helps to understand why people behave the way they do in the workplace and then provides the ground rules for communicating, influencing and negotiating with people around you.



Kouzes & Posner Leadership Practices Inventory

This world renowned leadership model provides individual leaders to measure their performance against the Kouzes and Posner competency model. It is at its most effective when used as a 360 review of leadership performance and supported by expert coaching of the report recipient.


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John Adair Profiles

These inexpensive profiles are based on the John Adair model of balancing tasks, people and team. They provide insights into where managers concentrate their time and allow participants to rebalance their focus to get best results. The Leadership Styles profile address how to operate within different situations and adjust their style accordingly.

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Emotional Intelligence 2.0

This excellent book comes with a code to access the internet questionnaire which delivers an report on the participant’s EQ. The book provides substantial insights based on current research as to how to improve intra-personal intelligence (ourselves and how we think of ourselves) and the inter-personal intelligence (how we think about other people).



Strengthfinders 2.0

Based on the research work of Professor Donald Clifton and marketed by the Gallup organisation, this model is built on 34 talent themes. The associated questionnaire, accessed with a code provide in the book, provides the top five strengths of the participant. The book supports the recipient with an understanding of how this impacts on what they do and what they enjoy doing.



Thomas-Kilman Conflict Styles Instrument

Foe every manager, there are times when you have to stand up for your opinions and views, to fit your corner, to influence others to your perspective. This model allows managers to understand their preferred styles and to identify how they can become more influential with those around them.

AGR provide some excellent products, some of which have been designed specifically for the third (civic) sector. In addition to 360 competencies profiles, there is an excellent profiling tool on resilience. The book here is written by the authors of the profile.


Mental Toughness 

developing mental toughness.pngMental Toughness is a personality trait which describes an individual’s mind-set when faced with challenge, change and adversity. Can it be developed? The answer is “it can” although that might happen in two ways and it won’t be immediately obvious which is happening. We can teach people of all ages to:

Deal more effectively with stressors of all types – here we think we can make fundamental changes to the way a person thinks about problems and issues.

Cope better with stressors – here we show an individual to adopt tactics and strategies which enable them to deal effectively with problems and issues. These are often copies of what a more mentally tough person would do.

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